Sounds Around San Antonio: Ghost Lapse

Locally known to the San Antonio music scene, Ghost Lapse opened the 1011 to a vibrant night on Saturday Sept. 25.

Their surf rock sound, inspired by an array of artists from every genre, including Prince to Harlem, set Ghost Lapse to be the only band of their kind on Saturday night. Out of their five song set, no other number had the crowd as involved and enthused as “Strong Guys”, which was performed flawlessly compared to “Water Balloonz” and “CB4”, which they had written earlier that day and daringly enough played that night.

As the only band to perform entirely off the stage and on the floor, they were a great first number to the five band line up.  New material can be expected from Ghost Lapse soon in the San Antonio and Austin area.  This band is not to be missed or go unrecognized.  Videos of their previous performances at the White Rabbit and 1011 can be viewed at


Upcoming events at the 1011:

Saturday October 2nd



Doors open at 8