Salute to Service

Concerts aren’t all about loud music, mosh-pits and alcohol. Concerts are also simple, elegant and classy. The San Antonio Symphony was one of those concerts when it honored the military veterans with the Sixth Annual Salute to Service on Sunday, Nov. 7.

The symphony was held at the Municipal Auditorium, dedicating the show to the memory of Governor Dolph Briscoe who passed away on June 27, 2010.

The show featured classic patriotic tunes including Goud’s American Salute and Copland’s Old American Songs. The show also included an audience sing-along. The orchestra was joined by Crystal Jarrell, mezzo-soprano and Stiletto.

Though symphonies aren’t the hard rock ‘n roll concerts most college students are used to, it’s a good way to hear some classy and diverse music to broaden one’s horizon.

The San Antonio Symphony is a non-profit performing arts organization with the mission to inspire and enrich our community with excellent symphonic performances, education and service.

“The show was actually pretty great,” George Mizzell, a guest at the symphony, said. “When you think of a symphony, you think of boring slow music, but this show was actually really energetic and a ‘foot tapping’ kind of performance.”

The Salute to Service performance was the San Antonio Symphony’s sixth annual show honoring all U.S. military service members, active and retired. The free concert welcomed hundreds of guests including high military leaders and their families.

“The symphony brought back some childhood memories and those army days back in the day,” said Mizzell. “It had a great orchestra and conductor, and the overall performance was great.”