Letter to the editor: Alternative Grading System

Letter to the editor: Alternative Grading System

Alex Sexton

I am the primary author of both GA 111 and GA 112. I am writing to inform you that some of the assertions present in your article, “Faculty Senate Votes to Discuss Alternative Grading System,” are simply untrue.

GA 111 is the resolution that announced the Student Government Association’s official stance on the plus/minus system, which was incorrectly stated as being blanketly against the plus/minus system. Again, this was incorrect. The SGA’s official position, as articulated by GA 111 is amended, is opposition to the current implementation of the plus/minus system at UTSA.

Later in the article, you mention that one of the options presented in GA 112 was “not using ‘A+’ grades.” This statement is simply incompatible with objective reality. GA 112 does not say this, and the only system I could conceive as being the source of a clerical error is Appendix A: Option 4—wherein we exclude all minus grades and “A+” is weighted the same as “A.”

Further, “if alternatives presented to the faculty senate are not approved, SGA proposed the plus/minus grading system be ‘implemented, mandated and standardized [sic] university-wide.’ SGA also discussed the possibility of abandoning the plus/minus system if no alternatives could be agreed upon.”

Allow me to offer some clarification: we recommend from the outset that the plus/minus system be standardized university-wide; we will only consider the notion of recommending the complete discontinuation of plus/minus if, and only if, the Faculty Senate and the SGA cannot come to an agreement or compromise on policy proposals.

Alex Sexton is the COLFA SGA Senator Elect of UTSA.