Kimiya Factory

The term “friendship” deserves much more credit, because while in life many people will come and go, the beauty is in appreciating the souls that don’t. To me, those souls are one’s soulmate.

When one refers to a soulmate, often times it is only in a romantic sense. But what about the moments you know exactly what your friend is thinking? The connection feels deep. Or the late-night drives where nothing but you and your friend exists? During childhood we may call such a person a best friend, but as a college student with many test runs, I’d like to call it a soulmate.

Although I am not a huge fan of hierarchies, the common perception of a best friend usually resides at the top of the list. A soulmate however, supersedes any friendship-hierarchy; a best friend is someone you might have a few things in common with or see on a regular basis, while a soulmate is a person you never saw coming.

My definition of a soulmate is someone who knows my most embarrassing secrets and the homie I roll up to McDonalds with at 2 am. The solace to my up and down social life. My soulmate is sitting right in front of me as I write this article. Like most articles I write, she curiously asks me what this one is about, having no clue that this one is about her.

The term “friendship” deserves much more credit; don’t be afraid to coin them your soulmate. Give your deeper connections more credit, they’re the ones who eat Ben and Jerry’s with you when you get dumped and give drunk speeches at your wedding.

On the sappiest note that the Paisano will allow me to muster: Jewel Membrere, my number one supporter, the one who cuts out every single article that I write in the paisano and encourages me to write about topics that even I hesitate to think about, this one is for you. I want to celebrate your existence. You’re a damn sunflower and I’d go to hell and back for anyone who challenges your sweet and silent demeanor. While I can’t give anyone the world right now, I figured I’d give you this; your very own article. What means the most to me, seems to always mean the most to you, and I cannot thank you enough.