UTSA named a top 400 international university

Out of 20,000 universities in the world, UTSA is ranked among the top 400 by Times Higher Education. The views of over 17,000 academics from 137 countries are factored into the results.

UTSA is one of seven Texas universities in the World Rankings. Other universities included UT Austin, Rice University, Texas A&M , UT Dallas, The University of Houston and Southern Methodist University.

The rankings assessed “globally competitive research-led institutions,” according to Times Higher Education. Criteria such as teaching, research, international outlook and citations in research journals are considered in determining rank.

According to Chief Communications Officer Joe Izbrand, citations are “really recognized” at UTSA. “New faculty and research are creating a lot more publications and citations,” Izbrand said. “This is a testament to the work that faculty and researchers are doing.”

 Times Higher Education frequently cited the works of two UTSA professors, according to Izbrand. Dr. George Perry is the tenth most cited scholar for Alzheimer’s disease in the world for his work in the field, while Dr. Ravi Sandhu’s research of cyber security has been widely cited as well.

 “It’s pretty awesome to receive that high ranking,” said graduate history major Alisa Hartsel. “[UTSA] is no longer a ‘come here and move onto bigger and better things’ university. We are what’s bigger and better.”

Senior history major Brittny Johnson agreed. “[The ranking is] a sign that UTSA is a competitive university,” Johnson said. “Since I’ve been here, I’ve noticed the classes have become harder and the expectations have become higher.”

UTSA was also recognized by Times Higher Education this summer as one of the top 100 universities under 50 years old, along with UT Dallas.

Additionally, the credentials of UTSA freshmen are at an all-time high; half of the students graduated in the top 25 percent of their high school class.

International student enrollment has also broken the record.  According to UTSA Today over 2,100 students from more than 85 countries are served by International programs.

“The university is being recognized more and more,” said Izbrand. “The UTSA community is rapidly becoming the world… because of our interaction with it and the world’s interaction with us.”