Romney is Republicans’ best bet for 2012

The dominoes have fallen, and it is safe to conclude that the 2012 Republican candidate will be Mitt Romney, or it should be.

In addition to the polls being in favor of Romney, he is also the best chance the Republican party has for reaching the presidency and the safest choice.

At the beginning of the race of to the Republican nomination, Romney remained quiet as candidates jumped on the media bandwagon soaking up bad attention, a strategic choice that has proven to be beneficial.

Why haven’t Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry followed in Huntsman’s footsteps when the three candidates combined received less than half of the votes Romney has received? Ron Paul might still have a fighting chance, but the realistic outlook is in favor of Romney.

The reason for the candidates’ persistence most likely comes from Romney’s needing to choose a running mate. Though Romney does not have to choose from the four Republican candidates left in the race, they are the most likely choice because of their name recognition and the funds they have already raised for their own campaigns.

Because Romney is the former governor of Massachusetts, he will more than likely need to choose a southerner to gain the southern votes. He will also more than likely choose a Christian because he is a Mormon. These criteria leave a few choices for Romney: Perry being the Texas governor and a Christian, and former Speaker, Gingrich from Georgia and a Roman Catholic.

Many people, United States Senator Rick Santorum, in particular, have pointed out Romney’s shifting views on major issues as a possible hindrance, but the majority votes do not lie.

The Republican party would do well to stop the bashing and support Romney since it looks as if he will win the nomination with or without it.