Techniques for getting noticed by that special someone

Buff dude

Valentine’s Day is slowly but surely approaching. Some of you single people out there may see it as “Single People Awareness Day.” Now it may be your imagination, but doesn’t it seem like on Valentine’s Day everyone all of a sudden has a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Everywhere you look people are holding hands and kissing, almost as if they are rubbing in the fact that you’re single! How rude! Can’t they get a room?

Well fear no more. If you are someone who is sick and tired of being alone on Valentine’s Day, UTSA students have offered up their tips and tricks for getting a guy or girl to notice you.

We’ve all heard about standard smiling, eye contact and looking good—all of these are essential in getting someone’s attention, and UTSA students agree.

Senior Sarah Nicholas says when she wants to impress a guy she’ll curl her hair, spend a little extra time on her make up, get her nails done and, of course, wear her hottest outfit.

“It’s all about the eye contact,” junior Morgan Colhoff said. “Catch their eye, throw a little smile, and improvise from there.”

So what are some unique techniques other students improvised to get their crush’s attention?

The idea is to stand out, so once you’ve caught their eye, you might have to act a little over the top. Now is not the time to be shy.

Senior Brad Becker said he would exaggerate a noise by doing something like yawning or laughing really loud. Keep in mind this tip is just to get an initial reaction. Doing something like this won’t seal the deal; however, you can do this as a way of getting the person to look at you then give a quick smile, and take it from there.

Another way to stand out is to show off. Senior Manuel Calderon said that to get a girl’s attention he’ll show off on the court.

If there is a girl he finds attractive at the basketball court, he’ll play a little harder than usual. He will shoot more and run faster so she sees how good he is and wonders, “who’s that guy?”

You don’t necessarily have to be the best at something to show off. UTSA’s recreational center is the perfect place to meet someone.

If your crush is at the gym when you are, push yourself a little harder than usual. You might not look your best all sweaty, but the fact that you are taking care of your body says a lot.

Junior Alyssa Ammann said, “I try to know all the answers to the questions my professors ask, always get a close seat to my crush and every time he looks over I flash a smile and look away.”

The key here is sitting near the person. They’re likely to notice you more if you are sitting close enough to them that they can pay attention to you.

Being in college is the perfect opportunity to meet someone special because there are a lot of shared interests and similar lifestyles.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you have some tips and tricks on what it takes, it’s time to put it to use. Don’t waste any more time reading this how-to.

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it! Now go and get that special someone to notice you so that you’re not alone this Valentine’s Day!