What tip?

Lately, I’ve been going to restaurants and experiencing odd behavior from the waiters/waitresses. It’s almost as if I’m bothering them just by coming into “their” restaurant and ordering from the menu. SIDE NOTE: I did not fill out your application for that job. Please don’t blame me when I come in to order.  I went to this one restaurant that shall remain nameless, and my waiter was acting like he didn’t want or need a tip.  He didn’t refill the water or ask if we needed anything.

I get it. I have family members that are waitresses so normally, I will cut people like this a break; however, fool around with me and I won’t give a tip.  What’s the point of getting a job that you know you can’t do?  If being hospitable isn’t your M.O, why have a job in the service industry? Trust me, I have no problem not giving a tip.

A few classy individuals in my family like to practice what they call the family tip-share. When they go to the restaurant and sit at their table, they put a huge pile of ones in the middle of the table. When the waiter or waitress gets ready to take their order, they inform them that the money in the middle of the table is their tip. Each time they forget to ask for a refill or mess up an order, money is removed from the pile. 

Public service announcement: if you want your tips, you better learn how to work for them.  Based on the great service a waiter or waitress displays, I may tip over 15%– it’s been done before. Just because I’m a college student, doesn’t mean I’m not going to tip. The biggest tips often come from the people you least expect it from.  As an Ultimatum, I’m not above asking for manager and getting free meals for everyone at any table.