Column: Big SisKeep your blinders on


Photo Courtesy of Dominique Beltran

Kimiya Factory

Sometimes I give up – when somebody is
defending rape culture, I am guilty of tuning out.
I think to myself, “They’ll never get it.” But over
time, I’ve learned that they will – at least that’s
what I have to tell myself. However, I like to think
that in an ideal future, people who don’t believe
that rape culture exists one day will. There will be
a moment in time when the injustice that is rape
culture will affect their lives.
They will hear my voice, blaring through a
bullhorn while standing in the blazing sun on our
college campus however many years ago.
The funny thing is though, that they have to “get
it.” We all do – because if we don’t, everything
that a survivor of rape/sexual assault has made it
through will be in vain. #ChangeRapeCulture will
be one year old this fall.
I have fallen on rough terrain multiple times on
my way up the mountain of change, but no terrain
is rough enough to give up on survivors who
deserve to be heard. Almost a year ago, after the
Kavanaugh protests on campus, Taylor Waits and I
sat on the floor of her bedroom, glaring at our cups
of juice – fed up and hungry for change.
I am tired of rape being a casual conversation
that I overhear in line at Starbucks. I am tired of
well-respected professors making problematic
comments in academic settings. I am tired of there
being a hierarchy of trauma and pain. I am tired of
broken people breaking others.
My entire life I had rape culture on the tip of my
tongue – now there’s no stopping me. Who wants
to join?
– For those who will realize later

Big Sis