Future campus services

By midterms, UTSA will have opened Chilli’s Too! and Rios Golden Cut Salon.

The UPS store opened Jan. 11 in the UC.

The store provides a full range of packaging, shipping, mail and document services to the university community. The store also provides over 600 mailboxes for rent.

The store will be temporarily located across from the UTSA bookstore while its permanent space is being renovated.

“We are pleased to bring The UPS Store to campus,” said UC Director Lowa Mwilambwe. “Having conveniently located mail and document services provided by a nationally recognized leader supports our mission of enhancing student life and providing services for the convenience of the campus community.”

Rios Golden Cut Salon will have its grand opening in the UC Fountain Courtyard on Jan. 14.

The opening will be part of the “Spring Into the UC Celebration” which begins Jan. 12 at 7:30 a.m.

Chili’s Too! will be constructed in the former space of the Tomas Rivera Center.

“Our target date for opening the venue is February 14, 2010,” Jane WIlcox said.

For a complete list “Spring Into the UC Celebration” visit http://www.utsa.edu/uctr/.