A letter from SGA’s judicial branch


The judicial branch is committed to ensuring the success of elections and to maximize the level of student engagement. The sitting justices, while novice, recognize the weight of our duty and responsibility to the student government association and, most importantly, the student body of UTSA.

We are deeply moved by the recent demonstrations and committed to assuring that we are better prepared and able to meet the expectations of the student body in the future. With a better understanding of the challenges and expectations regarding elections we have already begun a process of internal review, discussion and development regarding our approach to election related activity and how we could better serve all Roadrunners.

With a full view and catalogue of available resources, we will aim to make use of campus resources (including E-mail, bulletin boards, tabling opportunities, and social media accounts) to better advertise any upcoming student government elections and candidates. We have also established communication with administration and third-party service providers to explore alternative options to RowdyLink, which has been suggested to be a highly negative aspect of the voting experience.

The sitting justices are inspired by the response of the student body in regard to the efficacy of our elections process, and we look forward to working together with every student to encourage, advertise, and facilitate access to the elections for all. Nothing is more important in our eyes than the student body having a voice, and their connection to the Student Government Association is the best way to guarantee them that voice.

Our unique position allows us the opportunity to foster and facilitate the relationship between the students and the organization that intends to speak for them in a way that we intend to take full advantage of. We are committed to performing our duty to the best of our ability moving forward, and we regret that we have failed to meet the standards of the student body thus far.

If all of us, the individual students of UTSA, can maintain the passion and democratic fervor that both students and student government officials have exhibited this week, the judicial branch sincerely believes that the next elections will mark the beginning of an exciting new era of the Student Government Association.