Putting San Antonio on new waves: Q&A chat with local up and coming artist DJ Papi Wave


Photo courtesy of @domsquiat

Kimiya Factory

Q: When did music become an important aspect of your life?

A: Music has been a big part of life from a very young age. My first real memories of music are from my mom. She’d always play music when we had to clean the house, and I never understood why. I used to hate it then because I didn’t like cleaning up when I was younger. As I got older — eight years old or so — I followed in my Pop’s footsteps, and he got me some DJ equipment that was super hard to use at the time for me as a beginner, so eventually I told him I didn’t want to DJ. We moved to Atlanta, Georgia, from Germany around nine or 10, and I met my mentor who taught me how to make beats. From that point, I wanted to produce and then rap. That’s when the music became important for me. I eventually stopped rapping around 20 years old, just from being uninspired to do so, and decided to go back to where I started, which was DJing. The second time around, picking up DJing was a lot easier because of the production background.

Q: What does the art and music scene in San Antonio mean to you?

A: It means the world to be a part of it. San Antonio wasn’t necessarily the most well-known place as a music hub. Slowly but surely, we are making a mark. I can’t wait to see what this city becomes, and it will be satisfying to know that I had a hand in that.

Q: Where can people come and catch a session of your mixes?

A: I DJ a lot currently on the St. Mary’s Strip from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. and at El Ojo on Thursday and Saturdays. On Sundays, I’m at Midnight Swim.

Q: What are some successful shows or mixers that you’ve been a part of?

A: Some of my most successful shows have been with the artist Trippie Redd and the Mala Luna Music Festival. I’ve done a lot of other things, but those would have to be some of my biggest moments.

Q: Are there any other artists on the rise that UTSA Students should look out for?

A: Most definitely Fritogang, Reek and Sage, West Dour, Mateo Sun, C Will, Queen Saucy, Tay Tay Made It, VenoTheBuilder, Southside Hoodlum, and I’m going to stop there because I like a lot of artists and don’t want anyone to be upset with me.