See you next spring, hope you join us for the ride

From new controversial degree plans to an entirely overhauled grading system, UTSA looks to be making provocative changes that will not only affect the student body but also faculty and staff.

How will students cope with grade deflation? Will serving alcoholic beverages on campus really increase the number of alcohol-related crimes on and off campus?

The answers to these many questions will eventually materialize. When that happens, The Paisano will be there to report the facts and inform the student body.

That can’t happen without the help of new staff members. Each semester one or more editors graduate and a new person takes their place. However, that passing of the baton is ideal.

While there won’t be another issue for the rest of this semester, next semester is approaching rapidly and soon the tapping sound of computer keys and the smell of fresh ink on articles about the student government or an increase in student tuition will return to The Paisano’s office.

When that time comes don’t be afraid to join in. The Paisano has been UTSA’s student newspaper for nearly 30 years and in order to continue to provide journalistic experience to undergraduates the paper must continue to recruit new members.

There is a diverse amount of experience to be gained besides writing including advertising, marketing, photography and graphic design. Alumni have been accepted to law school and graduate school in many subjects. Some have had careers as journalists and editors.

Join The Paisano today. Send us an e-mail or attend one of our weekly meetings to continue the legacy so future students may stay informed on current events at UTSA.