San Antonio’s Hidden Gems: Merit Coffee

Sofia Garcia, Arts & Life Editor

Sitting at the corner of Pond Hill and Northwest Military Highway, Merit Coffee takes pride in serving their guests freshly-roasted coffee with a side of hospitality. Upon entering, you are greeted by friendly staff ready to help you find your perfect drink by answering any kind of questions. Judging by the calm nature of each guest, it is safe to say that Merit Coffee offers an experience that is unique to the establishment. Sam, one of the employees, described his feelings about working at Merit Coffee. 

“My favorite things about working here are the people I work with, along with everything that I’ve learned and that I’m still learning about this job. This is my first job in coffee, and there is a whole lot more to it than I would’ve thought there was going into it.”

The low-light and soothing tunes effortlessly cultivate an environment fit for studying, catching up with friends, or taking a break during a busy day. As we continue to live through the pandemic, this coffee shop abides by social distancing rules — enforcing masks and having customers stay six feet apart. With their diverse menu, Merit Coffee gives anyone the chance to enjoy a coffee, matcha or chai latte, hot chocolate or tea.

For those who aren’t fans of dairy products, this coffee house serves an abundance of non-dairy options, one being the heavenly oat milk latte. Another employee, Victoria, gave her best recommendation of hot and iced coffee: the chocolate cappuccino and a cold brew natural. Additionally, this coffee shop serves mouthwatering snacks: kolaches, pop tarts, cookies, scones, oatmeal bars, cinnamon rolls, muffins and macaroons. 

Not only does Merit Coffee offer services in their shops, but they deliver coffee right to do your door. A simple subscription brings a wide array of coffee beans, and coffee lovers can enjoy their morning cup in the comfort of their home. The success of this business can easily be attributed to its customer experience, pleasant ambiance and kind staff members. 

It may be part of your daily routine to contribute to the same chain coffee company, but you can change things up by paying a visit to the coffee shop that values the “merit in pursuing perfection.”