Is there a soulution to rising tuition?

Rowley’s take on the increasing of tuition for public universities in Texas hits on some very interesting points. The mention of deregulation of tuition was very interesting; I had no idea that the state legislature had considered deregulation since the 80’s and had only addressed the issue in 2003.

Now, when looking at the numbers– the $10 billion budget shortage to be more precise– you can understand that they had to do something. Even the fact that they chose to risk only upsetting a small percentage of voters, i.e. the students, rather than risking upsetting millions of voters makes sense in a way, but when will it stop? As the article states, “Children of current freshman will be expected to pay four times what their parents paid in tuition when they are old enough to attend college.”

It would seem that, for the time being, the legislature has painted themselves into a corner. A $10 billion shortage is no laughing matter, and as I stated above, something, obviously, had to be done. What I find interesting is out of all the information given as to why the increases are necessary and why deregulation was allowed and all the stats and numbers given to prove that this was the best plan of action, there are no signs of a better solution being considered. All the data shows that tuition is going to continue to increase with no signs of stopping like a runaway train with a full head of steam. They came up with a “solution” of sorts to the budget shortage, but now it seems they have no way of stopping it.