Lazy students fighting for parking is not news; Libya is

Student laziness is not the university’s problem, and it shouldn’t be front page news for the Paisano. The fact that students are more willing to spend 15 minutes driving in circles looking for a parking spot than spend 10 minutes walking from one of the farther lots is, in most cases, just plain laziness.

I know that if I arrive on campus after 8 a.m. I drive straight to lot 10A and walk because even if there are one or two spaces out there, my time is better spent studying than driving in circles looking for that elusive spot. As I walk from the Rec Center to the Biotechnology, Science and Engineering building I watch a dozen or more cars drive up and down the lanes wasting time and gas looking for that one spot that will put them 50 yards closer to their destination than if they simply parked in 10A and walked.

Some people will argue that because we pay for a parking permit we are entitled to parking close to our classes, but with a school this size it is impossible to give every student up front parking, so get over it.

I see the same laziness when someone takes an elevator up or down one flight, especially in the BSE where the stairs are in the middle of an open atrium. Again, someone is more willing to spend two minutes waiting for an elevator than spend those two minutes walking up or down one flight of stairs.

And while I know that there are some situations that limit a persons ability to take the stairs, 90 percent of the time it’s just plain laziness. At best, last weeks story about the parking lot changes should have been given no more space than the little snippet you included about Libya, which is a front page news.

So, can we please move on from whining about parking to more important issues?