Illustration by Alex Hanks

Illustration by Alex Hanks

Rand Whitfield, Contributing Writer


January 30th, 2021

I got a scrape today

I fell right off my bike

And tumbled to the pathway

Of a thousand tiny knives


From canyons on my arm

Flowed snaking tears of red

But I smiled from ear to ear

As calmness filled my head 


For months my skin was perfect

Not a blemish to be found

Kept safe from all contagions

In my dungeon above ground


But the earth now opened rifts 

From which the pain escaped:  

Depression bleeding out

As I rode back home with haste 


The wind attacked my wounds, 

But brushed against my face

With each eternal second

I relished the sting’s embrace 


I got a scrape today

Just like a little kid 

And for the first time in a while, 

I felt that I had lived