International Education Week debuts at UTSA

UTSA’s Global Business Club launched their first week of recognizing “International Education” with their first presentation on Monday, Nov. 15.

The night began at 5p.m. with a welcome and acknowledgement by program director Ryan Zapata followed by a presentation on “Knowledge For a New World” by Lisa Gomez and “The Importance of International Education” by UTSA’s director of globalization development programs and Dean of the School of Architecture, Dr. Julius Gribou.

Until this year UTSA was one of the only major universities who didn’t participate in the week dedicated to international education. This change made by the Global Business Club is in efforts to help achieve UTSA’s goals of reaching tier one status.

Dr. Gribou’s presentation emphasized the importance of transformative knowledge, globalization and diversity. His goals, as well as the goals of the Business Student Council are to offer unique programs to students in this “competing globalization world.”

“Our world is becoming seemingly borderless and international education is the heart of preparing students for globalization,” Gribou said. 

Diversity was greatly stressed through visual performances at the launch event. Michelle Peters began with her acoustic collaboration of Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” and “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. Following Peters, Lizeth Kath and her dance partner Albert Delgado performed a contemporary piece that was dramatic yet sensitive. Next a group of Filipino dancers amazed the crowd with their performance of a unique, cultural dance while balancing cups of water upon their heads. To close the performances Edith Olavarrieta and UTSA alumni Carlos Verdzco presented a traditional salsa dance with a modern twist.   

A video screening on “UTSA International Experience” followed the visual acts and the night ended with a flash video on “Transformative Leadership”.

Monday night’s presentation was the first of the week long festivities for “International Education Week.” The Global Business Club has prepared an “international mixer” and a presentation hosted by the Honors College with visiting Professor, Dr. Liza Bakewell, from Brown University. Wednesday’s events include “The iMBA Expierence: Something New or Same  Old Same Old” and “Green Build Conference: Transforming Our Built Environment” with guest speakers Troy Hallmark from Imagine Homes and Brant Lane from RVK Architects.  On Thursday, Nov. 18, the Honors College will present “World Quest- Global Trivia Challenge” and “Groceries in a Globalized World”. Nov 19-21 the College of Business will be hosting an International Seminar on “Branding in Latin America” with visiting professor, Hector Bajac from Uruguay.

The International Seminar is a three day intensive program which students can gain course credit through. Each day requires a challenging five hour day and brings focus into globalization of a certain region.

As well as the seminars and daily presentations, the Institute of Texan Cultures will be hosting an exhibit on “Discovering Heritage on the Texas Frontier.”

“Once International Education Week is over, the Global Business Club will continue to promote global learning. We have already planned events for the spring semester,” said GBC vice director, Kryslin Starett. The club currently has 58 members and is always looking to recruit more.