Quit hounding Fox

The recent article by Adam Coronado clearly shows his left leaning bias-big time. Plus that he is rather naive.

Of course, a right wing show like Fox News wants to show Obama in a bad light, just like he wants to show Fox News in a bad light (it’s called Freedom of the Press). Fox does so because Obama, based on his voting record, is rated as the most liberal senator in Congress, which has nothing to do with race.

Also, Adam really didn’t represent the Wright tapes totally. He states that Obama’s speech addressed incendiary comments regarding race and the 9/11 attacks. He left out the parts where Wright made venomous comments about Goddamming America and how America has brought its problems on itself and is controlled by “rich white people.”

The part he left out is the primary reason why conservatives are so upset. Such hate speech may not bother the liberals in this country…but believe me, it very much bothers millions of voting Americans.

The real issue is Obama’s close association with Wright for 20 years and his refusal to distance himself from such diabolical hate speech…and may well sink his presidential bid.

I firmly believe that most Americans love this country for many reasons, not the least of which are our freedoms and opportunities and just don’t like such talk.

Also, he said the actions of Fox News “…should be an outrage to all voters”. I think the actions of Fox should be lauded. If he’ll check his facts, he’ll find that Fox reported Wright’s outrageous statements over a year ago. It was only recently that the left-leaning media finally began to report them, undoubtedly due to the political pressure of the existing presidential campaign.

Fox simply feels that this is a very serious matter and should not be ignored, and rightly so.

The citizens of this country should know as much information as possible about all the presidential candidates.

I think Fox should continue to tell Americans about the character and judgment flaws and the inexperience of Obama. Certainly the sick comments of Wright reflect pure hatred and venom he feels about our country and the politicians who run it.

Why did Obama sit in the pews and listen to such garbage for twenty years? Is this not a reflection on his judgment and character? I think most decent Americans would have walked out on Wright the first time he preached such hatred about a country that provided him with so many freedoms and opportunities.

James T. JonesDepartment of Mathematics