Cat feeders on campus vandalized; UTSAPD investigation ongoing


Photo courtesy of Karen Williams

Riley Carroll, Staff Writer

As previously featured, the UTSA Cat Coalition works hard to care for the stray cats wandering around campus. But to many people’s dismay, a feeder set out near Chaparral Village has recently been destroyed for the second time.

One of UTSA’s faculty members, who is also a member of the Roadrunner Cat Coalition (RRCC), Karen Williams, expressed her disappointment. Since 2005, the faculty members who care for stray cats on campus have never experienced such an event. Williams shared that on Feb. 9 and April 15 the RRCC noticed that a feeding box had been obliterated. 

“So one of the feeders went and the feeding box had been smashed in. And we’re going ‘oh my god,’ we were totally in shock. And to tell you the truth, we’ve never had this happen,” Williams said.

According to Williams, it is clear that this was purposeful devastation conducted by a student, who she suspects is likely living on campus. 

“Because of the materials that are used to build them are Hardie board, they’re very strong. I mean, that’s why they’re chosen — to withstand the elements … And so they’re very sturdy and you know, it’s not like somebody would just kick it or push it [or] knock it over and it would be damaged,” Williams said. “The police said, most likely what happened to cause that amount of damage was somebody jumped on the top of it, consciously, on purpose [and] jumped on it to destroy it.”

The owner of the Chap Cat Instagram account, who posted to their Instagram story regarding the event to raise student awareness, concurred. They helped further explain that the material the feeders are made out of can withstand far more force than innocent animal rough-housing, providing more evidence that the perpetrator is not one of UTSA’s furry friends.

They are feeders made of Hardie board siding, which is very strong, so it[’s] probably not fellow wildlife … It’s the second one someone [has] destroyed. It’s a bit scary. It makes you worried for the cats. Hopefully, word spreads and whoever is doing this will stop,” the Chap Cat account owner said. “I understand if you don’t like cats, but they aren’t doing anything wrong. [They are] just trying to live in peace with everyone.”

Luckily, Williams and the RRCC have taken further legal action with the UTSA Police Department to put an end to the senseless demolition. She claims that since the heavy-duty materials of the feeders cost approximately $125 to $150 each, the crime is classified as a Class B misdemeanor.

There [are] a lot of reasons why people would do those types of things, but it’s not acceptable. It’s personal property, so we contacted the UTSA Police Department, and we have filed a police report,” Williams said. “We were informed by the police department that this falls under criminal mischief and a Class B misdemeanor. I think that people — whoever’s doing this — just thinks it’s kind of a prank or whatever. It’s not, it’s vandalism and damage of personal property [which] is against the law.”

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