Chela’s taco truck forced to move by city officials

On Nov. 3, city officials forced Chela’s Tacos from its location at Utex Blvd. and UTSA Blvd.

“TxDOT, the land owner’s representative, the police and the health department were here; it was a big scene,” owner Marty Davis said about being told to move.

Although the new location is only a few hundred feet from the previous location on Utex Blvd., it may pose some problems for Davis.

“Visibility is the biggest thing,” Davis said about the issues with the new location.

“The parking for the customers is a little tougher. We were really busy on Friday, so I don’t think the visibility is going to be a problem. Saturday was kind of slow, but it might have been because of the game.”

TxDOT forced Chela’s to move because the taco stand was doing business on private property owned by TxDOT.

“The area he [Davis] was parked in was a safety concern because there is not a driveway. There have been no accidents, but that does not mean it is not possible,” TxDOT spokesperson Laura Lopez said. “There is no permit to do business on TxDOT right of ways. We asked them to move several times.”

Chela’s Tacos was located just inside the right of way owned by TxDOT along UTSA Blvd. and Utex Blvd. Chela’s customers, however, were using the right of way to park so that they could order from Chela’s.

The new location is not as visible to see from UTSA Blvd. and the parking situation does not seem as safe. Chela’s Tacos is safe from TxDOT for now, but the new location is still vulnerable.

“The only people that can make us move now are the police,” Davis said