Super Bowl 57 Preview


Courtesy of Paisano Media

Haley Aguayo, Contributing Writer

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are headed to Glendale, Arizona, this

weekend to play in Super Bowl LVII hosted in State Farm Stadium.

Despite last year’s AFC championship upset, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are once again the AFC champions after beating the Cincinnati Bengals.

Following last year’s 31-15 loss in the Wild Card round, quarterback Jalen Hurts leads the Eagles to their first Super Bowl since 2018.

This Super Bowl presents two noteworthy feats. First, it will feature two black starting

quarterbacks for the first time in NFL history. And though both Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce have played in Super Bowls before and won, they will be the first set of brothers to compete against each other in a Super Bowl in NFL history.

Both teams have rightfully earned their spots on the field this year by holding the highest

ranks in conference standings with 14-3 records. Without looking at depictive stats, one could say that the two teams may have an equal chance at winning, even more so since both starting quarterbacks are still recovering from injuries.

Eagles defensive players have the lead in sacks this season, accumulating over 70 sacks, while the Chiefs trail in second place with over 50 sacks. Both teams have a strong defensive line, so it will come down to the protection from the offensive line for each QB during the game. According to betting sites, the Eagles are favored to win over the Chiefs by a small percentage, over under by -1.5.