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The Paisano

Get into the latest summer trends

Summer is near and so are the pool parties, river floats, outdoor sports and vacations. It’s time to start searching for that swimsuit and wardrobe that best fits Texas’ hot summer days. The change of season also brings new and exciting fashion trends. Spice up your summer wardrobe this season by taking a look at what’s new and in style.

Men’s clothing styles are seeing a slight change this season. This summer, the prep look is becoming more relaxed. Since it’s been around for so long, it can be toned down a bit. According to, “You don’t have to be bow-tied, striped socked, oxfords with matching vest and pocket squared-up for every single look. Keep it simple – button down with rolled up sleeves, shorts with a print of some sort, and deck shoes or loafers worn sockless.”

Another hot style for men this summer is black from head to toe. It may not sound appealing for the daytime when the sun is beating down, but it is a trendy look for a night out.

Also keep in mind that native patterns are a current fad, along with braided leather belts, boat shoes and bomber jackets.

Harper’s Bazaar magazine gives details of what was seen at New York Fashion Week. Spring and summer 2011 brings “minimal whites, bold colors, pajama dressing and a hefty dose of 70’s sensibility.”

Women’s trends are beginning to go back in time – back to the 70’s with the different patterns, crop tops, and flared pants with a high waist-line. Jackie and Donna from That 70’s Show portray great examples of this style that is on the rise.

Another popular trend for summer is all-white attire. Great for outdoor events – wearing all white will keep you cool on a hot day. A white cotton dress with white sandals and a small white clutch is the way to go. Speaking of clutches, these are also increasing in popularity and the large tote-style purses are being left in the previous season.

When shopping at the mall, you may notice bold, bright colors. Neon is growing in popularity with tanks, bikini’s and shorts.

Although there are certain seasonal trends, your own style preferences are great ways to illustrate your personality.

Junior history major Alyssa Alaine describes her own twist to her summer style.

“I tend to favor old fashion trends; the 70’s and 80’s rock styles really inspire what I wear along with a little addition of some 1930’s pinup. I absolutely love the laidback but sexy appeal of Bohemian wear; it’s classic and simply makes you feel naturally pretty,” Alaine said. “For my pin-up inspiration, I love to pick out tops that are floral or have an old-fashioned flare to them, with a cute flower in my hair. Also, you can never go wrong with a pair of worn out tight jeans and an old 80’s rock tee!”

To keep up with these trends, you can easily put on something you already have in your closet and still be trendy. Light button-up shirts and black tees for men and white summer dresses and bright-colored tanks for women are easily accessible and affordable if they are not already in your current wardrobe.

Whether you follow current trends or mix up your own style, being comfortable in your clothes this summer is the best way to go.

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