Take a trip on the VIA

Burk Frey

New to San Antonio? No wheels? Let VIA show you the city. I did.

My VIA day included a trip to the movies, lunch and downtown activities. I took the 93 to Crossroads and then transferred to the 505 to the Alamo Quarry. The Quarry, located off of Highway 281, just a few miles past the airport, is a great spot to chill, eat and shop. The Quarry has a movie theater, many different restaurants and a multitude of shops.

After I left the Quarry, I headed downtown on the 204. For those of you who do not know the heart of San Antonio, you are in for a treat. Exploring downtown is not only enjoyable, but also culturally enriching.

The first place I visited once I arrived downtown was the San Antonio public library. Here you can find the exact book you are looking for. Not only does the library have a wide variety of books to choose from, the architecture of the building, outside and inside, is captivating.

Market Square was next on my list of places to visit. This unique taste of Mexico is a pleasant walk only a few blocks from the library. Market Square is always lively on weekends, bustling with locals and tourists, tempting them with savory aromas of Mexican food and traditional melodies of mariachi music.

Then I was off to the Riverwalk. Riding the riverboats is a great way to see parts of the San Antonio River and learn the interesting history about how it transformed San Antonio’s tourist industry. The river extension is an easy walk to the San Antonio Museum of Art.

After I made my way back up town and to UTSA on the 94, I could not have been happier with how I spent my day. Taking advantage of the VIA transportation system not only saved me gas, but also allowed me to experience San Antonio.