Renovations good for UTSA

I found it interesting reading the commentary of Mansee Muzumdar about how UTSA is using money. She expressed her concern that UTSA is spending more money on attracting new students as opposed to making resources better for currently enrolled students.

What I find most interesting from this is that while UTSA is cleaning up the looks and adding new facilities for students, we need to remember that this helps current students as well. We now have more space to rest and study in between classes at the new UC III, the renovated spaces in UC in addition to having a better Recreation Center.

I remember when I first went there before the renovation and how terribly crowded it was. It is nice to go there now and have more space and much more equipment; I think that investment was worth every penny!

Regarding parking, the campus has much more space in comparison to before, which has been an improvement since last spring. The lots off Sam Barshop Blvd. provide additional help for parking. The only problem with parking is that the buses do not run often enough; I think we could stand to have another bus or two on that route. However, there are empty spaces in that area.

Muzumdar continued to talk about how the HSS is crowded, the chairs are old and the library is sub-par. Because of the influx of new students, of course the building with the most general classes is going to be the most crowded. Until the classes are rearranged into other buildings, the chairs can’t be replaced. Maybe we should try to get the campus to work on that over the summer when there are fewer classes.

Personally, I’m excited to see the work that will happen in the library.

While there will be less money put into this project in comparison to the Rec Center, it’s because they are not going to be adding on to the building, simply changing the inside. That is a 3.8 million dollar interior makeover! I imagine that will make the library much nicer. Considering that it would cost much more money to add on to the height of the building, since it can’t be expanded outwards, it is the best they can do for the moment.

I am happy with the changes going on here at UTSA. I say keep it up! We’re on the right track!

Justin Bush

Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering