International architects visit UTSA

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The College of Architecture has hosted guest speakers at the downtown campus every Wednesday since Sept. 10. They are planning to continue hosting speakers until Nov. 17.

The lecture series is open to all students.

“We normally conduct the series a bit more internally. This year we decided to give it a bit more a of public image,” Taeg Nishimoto, the associate dean of the college of architecture said. “The people we are inviting have a bit more of that.”

For example, speaker David Adjaye, from London, is noted for his accomplishments in the arts, as well as architecture.

“It was more of an art lecture,” Nishimoto said, “[He] drew an audience to where there was only standing room. It was very crowded. Everyone told us that the lecture was great.”

The lecture series looks to host architects from all over the U.S. and the world.

“We are excited for every single lecturer we have this semester,” Nishimoto said.

Part of this lecture series from the college of architecture is also going to have architects from the American Institute of Architecture.

“We are hosting them so that all these local professionals and the population can start looking at the lectures as a public forum,” Nishimoto said.

The College of Architecture will end the series with the South American architect Mathias Klotz.

The next lecturer is Dan Rockhill from the University of Kansas who will be bringing his Design 804 studio. Rockhill is credited for the new architectural designs around the Kansas area.

“He teaches a studio that is design-oriented. His students will be designing and building for real buildings,” Nishimoto said, “We would like to incorporate that into our college.”

Although both entities are separate institutions, the lecture is attributed to be 60 percent the work of Rockhill and Associates, and 40 percent of the Work of ‘Studio 804.’

“With our emphasis on the craft of architecture I think that would appeal to the people in the arts in particular. I think anyone in the design community should find it interesting. Most people do,” Rockhill said. “We just finished the first full platinum building in Kansas. I’ll go into quite a bit about that and that was a Studio 804 project.”

The rest of the series is scheduled to take place in the Aula Canaria, including the Sept. 25 lecture with Rockhill.

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