Western Alive Confernce

The Western Athletic Conference (WAC) is still alive after the NCAA’s Legislative Council adopted Proposal 2010-100 Thursday.

The new rule will make it possible for the WAC to remain a division one (D1) conference. Under the old rules, the conference would have had to maintain a core membership of six schools for five years. Under that system, had another school left the WAC, it would have ceased to be a conference in the eyes of the NCAA.

The new rule allows for seven active D-1 schools who all must play men’s basketball and at least six must play Football.

This means that the WAC, consisting of UTSA, Texas State, Louisiana Tech, Idaho, Utah State, New Mexico State, San Jose State and Denver (no Football), still has an automatic spot in the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament.

For the WAC to continue, they will most likely need to expand. This could be a problem as there are few schools that are ready to make the jump to the Division 1 Football-Bowl-Subdivision (FBS).

The future of the WAC as an FBS conference still hangs in the balance but for now it has a new lease on life.

Whatever happens, UTSA will be an FBS member when the 2012 football season begins. It just might be part of the Western Alive Conference.