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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Call 411: the fashion police


Before you go on a summer vacation and realize you have nothing to wear, here are some summer fashion do’s and dont’s.

For men, it’s pretty basic. However, for guys who are fashion impaired, here is some advice that offers.

When it comes to shoes, DON’T wear socks with sandals – it just looks tacky. Also, stay away from flips flops. DO wear driving moccasins or canvas sneakers.

When wearing shorts, DON’T wear shorts that cover your knee or that are higher than your mid-thigh. Instead, DO wear tailored shorts-preferably patterned.

Junior nursing major Kevin Meyers also offers his opinion on men’s fashion, saying that guys should never wear jorts (jean shorts).

For women, it’s fair to say that fashion gets a little more complicated because it is frequently changing. It can get pretty exhausting and just flat out expensive to keep up with what’s in and what’s out.

Summer is the one season that allows women to be bold with their clothes. Ladies, you’re going to get away with a lot more during the summer. You know what they say, “If you got it, flaunt it.”

For this summer, offers these fashion tips for women.

DO try out bold patterns and colors. The dull, grey weather is gone and so are those dark-colored shirts. Bring out the fun and flirty pastels and fluorescents.

DON’T carry your oversized winter bag. Carrying your whole world in one bag really isn’t necessary. A simple shoulder or hand bag will hold what you need and still look trendy. Remember, in the summer, less can be more.

DO layer. Try pairing a boyfriend blazer with a cute top.

Junior psychology major Diana Hernandez says playing up the accessories is important. “DO wear pretty, lighter-weight scarves,” Hernandez said.

DON’T save that sparkly shirt just for a night out on the town. As mentioned, summer is the time to show off your favorite styles. There’s nothing wrong with capturing the eyes of everyone with a little sparkle.

DO have a one-piece swimsuit handy. One pieces have come to be very flattering and now have stylish cuts to make them even more complimentary.

DON’T rely on A-lign tops. Baby doll tops are out. While they were nice to cover up that winter weight, they really are not all that flattering. states that when it comes to shoes DON’T wear Uggs or flips flops, but DO wear embellished sandals. They can pull together almost any outfit.

When wearing shorts, it’s important to remember not too short and not too long. DON’T wear hot pants or Bermuda shorts. DO wear tailored pants-patterned ones if you want to make a statement.

This summer it’s all about less being more, but not when it comes to showing more skin. Leave a little to the imagination.

Have fun with your fashion, play around and try something new. Be brave, be bold, be beautiful.

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