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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Battle of the Weiners

Stephen Whitaker

According to retail sales in 2008, San Antonio consumes the third largest number of hot dogs in the country. The Paisano’s sports editor Stephen Whitaker (SW) and contributing writer Derrick Penny (DP) recently took an expedition to determine where San Antonians eat their hot dogs. They found two delicious eateries.

Jerry’s Hot Dogs

SW: Jerry’s Chicago Dog brings a taste of the Windy City to the Alamo City with its use of onions, relish, tomatoes, a whole pickle and two peppers. The feeling of being on State Street in Chicago floats through the air of Jerry’s. When you take bite after bite, surrounded by the lore of Chicago sports, it is easy to forget you are on East Commerce Street in San Antonio. The dog is definitely worth the trip downtown

DP: Jerry’s Chicago Dog, owned by Jerry and his wife, has a fun, family-run restaurant feel. Jerry’s wife helps run the counter, although, when Jerry is not there, she will let you know she runs the entire place. Jerry is from Chicago and a White Soxs fan, so naturally he has White Sox memorabilia all over the place. There is also a large mural of the Chicago skyline. The Chicago Dog is an amazing clash of flavors: a high quality dog placed in a fresh bun, mustard, onions, pickles and serrano peppers. Layered just so that in every bite you get a tase of each unique flavor. Absolutely wonderful.

King’s Court Frankfurter


SW: Just north of downtown is a hot dog establishment that could give other hot dog establishments a run for their money. King’s Court’s Alamo Dog is covered in Texas chili, enchilada sauce, cheese and pepper powder. Its variety of flavors will storm your pallet like it’s 1836. It will make you say, “Remember the Alamo.”

DP: The layout of King’s Court is designed for a group of friends looking to have a great time and hang out. With a menu of 25 various meatatarian options, it would be impossible to focus on just a Chicago Dog. They also offer vegetarian options. The Danger Dog and the Texican are both wonderful and have an excellent mix of flavors. The Danger Dog is a bacon-wrapped, fried dog with onions, chili and a sliced serrano pepper on top. The Texican is a crazy mesh of dog, quacamole, onions, diced tomatoes and pinto beans. So tasty!


SW: The Alamo Dog provides an interesting arrangment of flavors. The ingredients at both locations are incredibly fresh. Between the Chicago and the Alamo, the winner is clear. Let your mouth storm the Alamo Dog at King’s Court.

DP: King’s Court is the better experience and would be a better hang out spot with a group of friends. The atmosphere is a little more relaxed, and King’s Court allows customers to bring their own alcohol. Live music and movies that are screened throughout the weekend make it a lively joint.

But Jerry’s is the better hot dog. The precision and specific flavors that are reproduced create a wonderful Chicago style hot dog.

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