Stabbing near UTSA sends 3 to hospital


Three men were wounded as a result of stabbings at the 6700 block of Pinon Canyon at Aspen Heights, a student-housing complex near UTSA, in the early hours of Sunday, March 9.

KENS 5 reported that the altercation allegedly began at around 1:40 a.m. when a group of students tried to crash a party before returning with pans and box cutters.

San Antonio Express-News reported that the altercation allegedly began at a separate apartment, where a melee erupted in the living room.

Two of the victims were taken to Methodist Hospital by another partygoer while the third was initially treated at the scene, according to the Express-News.

Witnesses told police that when officers arrived at the scene, the 21-year-old victim was lying facedown and bleeding on the couch with what appeared to be a knife in his upper left shoulder. The male victim was treated on the scene before he was taken to University Hospital, Express-News reported. He was released later that day.

According to KAAB, police have been called to Aspen Heights more than one hundred times in the past year alone.

Some students have reported feeling safe at Aspen Heights. “Crime isn’t that much of a problem,“ sophomore biology major Morgon Cisneros said. “I go to a big school, bad things are going to happen no matter what.”

In March 2012, Leandre “Dre” Vonzell Hill was arrested for the fatal shooting of 20-year-old Randall Perkins that occurred at the former Aspen Heights property on the 6500 block of West Hausman Road, now known as the Estates at San Antonio.

Aspen Leasing Manager Sam Hagerty told the Express-News that the move to the new location on Berthound Lane was not a reaction to the fatal shooting, but rather a planned expansion of the complex.

Mary Seitz, a member of a nearby neighborhood organization, told KAAB, “Aspen Heights needs to step back in and step up security.”

“Our number one priority is our residents,” said Hagerty, according to the Express-News.

“I feel safe,” Cisneros said. “I live at one of the safer student housing complexes.”

No arrests have been reported in the case.