Closet Essentials for Men

We can’t all look like movie stars, but it’s not that hard to dress like one. Finding clothes that fit well and finding a style that suits you well are the first steps towards feeling like a million bucks, even when your bank account says otherwise.

Things to remember:
Buying clothes that fit well is the easiest way to improve your appearance and confidence.
A shirt from Target can look just as good as one from Ralph Lauren.
Be picky when you go shopping. There is no reason to buy something you might never wear.

Jacket or Blazer: A nice jacket or blazer immediately makes any outfit more formal. More than any other piece of clothing, however, it must fit perfectly. Wear it with a pair of dark wash jeans and a clean t-shirt before a big date.

Brown Dress Shoes: These go best with khaki or light wash jeans to make a stylish business casual look.

Shorts: The right pair of shorts can be stylish without sacrificing comfort. Partner them with a solid color oxford shirt for a casual afternoon look.

Casual Shoes: Partner these with a pair of jeans for a laid back look that’s perfect for a long day of classes.

T-Shirt: As long as it isn’t too loud, a t-shirt can look classy without sacrificing comfort. They can be bought for a dime a dozen and are the quintessential piece of casual wear.

Khaki Pants: A pair of khaki pants are the Swiss army knife of men’s fashion. Throw a t-shirt over them before going to catch the game, or pair them up with an oxford and jacket for a night out on the town.

Dark Wash Jeans: A dark wash pair of jeans looks great for a more formal look.

Black Slacks: As with any pair of pants, make sure the bottom of your pants just touch the top of your shoes when you stand.

Tie: Every man should know how to tie a tie. Black looks good on just about anything, but mixing and matching different ties and shirts can keep a formal wardrobe diverse.

Black Dress Shoes: Wear these with a pair of black slacks or dark wash jeans to help complete a formal outfit.

Light Wash Jeans: A light wash pair of jeans gives off casual vibes. Like dark wash jeans, light wash jeans can be paired with an oxford or a t-shirt.

Oxford Shirt: Oxfords can easily tranform from office wear to date night attire. They come in a variety of colors and designs. Whether you prefer stipes or a solid color, there is guaranteed to be one for you.

White Button-Down: This is your most basic formal attire and looks good on anyone regardless of body shape or skin tone. Pair it with black slacks and a black tie for a job interview.

Socks: Too often overlooked by too many men, a diverse collection of socks means you never have to worry about finding something to match your outfit. And, unlike ties, building a unique sock collection won’t take a toll on your bank account. A subtle pattern can complement a formal dinner date, while a colorful pair adds personality to your party outfit. Very few men put much effort into their footwear, and a well-chosen pair of socks can help a fashion-savvy guy stand out.