Shooting on campus: At-large drive by shooter damages unoccupied vehicle


Photo Credit: Rafael Gutierrez

Early Saturday morning, guns were fired at UTSA’s on-campus residence, University Oaks, Phase One. Shots were reportedly fired at an unoccupied vehicle for reasons still unknown.

After opening fire, the suspect, or suspects, fled the scene. Students were notified via text and email to remain indoors. The unknown shooter remains at large. UTSAPD asked that students report any suspicious activity to the police immediately.

Joe Izbrand, the associate vice president of communication and marketing at UTSA, commented on the incident: “This is an ongoing investigation.”

Even though University Oaks is considered to be on-campus, security, “…is the responsibility of the management company,” said Izbrand. “We are looking at video of cameras that UTSA has in the area.”

Gisselle Loredo, a resident of University Oaks, was present after the shooting occurred. “The parking area was blocked off by six or so police vehicles. There were little markers on the floor and they were standing around a car. It’s pretty terrifying being reminded that, even if you live on campus, anything can happen. I’ve noticed UTSAPD patrolling the area a lot more often… but there’s only so much they can do,” said Loredo.

UTSAPD is still looking for the shooter and has yet to release notice of a lead or motive. Increasing security for campus residents is a preventative measure UTSA has taken in response to the incident.

“The fact that nobody was caught really makes me nervous… especially since the person who was targeted was my neighbor,” said Loredo.