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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Sincerely Sara: In the Mood for Layers

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It is in the month of October that I remember there are parts of the country where sweaters are worn on a daily basis. Although I always have issues getting used to wearing summer clothes due to my love of layers, living in Texas has always forced me to compromise.

In my wardrobe I like to focus on dark colors and use jackets to complete outfits, but these choices are simply not practical when walking across campus in 90 degree weather. October should mark the beginning of the end of this, but it seems that the heat may be here to stay longer than usual.

While I typically have to sacrifice what I would like to wear in order to be more comfortable, I’ve had to adapt to classrooms that are kept chilly so students can remain cool. Somewhere within the first hour, I always wind up wishing I had kept my denim jacket close by.

Dressing for weather that knows no pattern can be frustrating, but there are a few tricks I keep with me in order to wear what I want and remain comfortable.

When the week becomes especially stressful, I find myself wearing the same big t-shirts over and over again. They keep me cool throughout the day but leave room for accessorizing. If you’re feeling too casual, but don’t have time to plan an entire outfit, wear your largest door knocker earrings or most glittery bangles. This may add something to your outfit that will leave you feeling confident all day.

Lightweight jeans are always my go-to, regardless of the weather conditions. Recently, I’ve discovered the magic of trousers. If I ever feel like staying in my pajamas during school, I’ll put on a pair of high-waist slacks that are comfortable and stylish. While they are not always made of the most breathable material, the comfort level is ideal for those fall days that feel like the middle of August.

If button-downs are your main staple, as they are mine, investing in those with short sleeves may add something new to your wardrobe while keeping you cool. I like to buy mine a size or two bigger to leave some room for a breeze.

Darker colors usually suit me best, however wearing all black on any given day can be disastrous due to the unpredictability of the weather. If you leave for school in the early morning and come home in the late afternoon this will be especially noticeable. My solution for this has been utilizing a monochromatic color pallete in place of solely dark tones.

If I decide to wear black pants and a black hat, I’ll go for a bright white top to cancel out the warmth of my other choices. If you thrive in color then wearing your brightest and most comfortable shades will be sure to keep you cool.

Though I still can’t remove my beloved winter clothes from my closet just yet, I’ve been reincorporating them into my wardrobe in small yet efficient ways. If I wear an outfit more suitable for cooler weather I might wear sandals with it to give some balance to the outfit and keep me relaxed.

My last piece of advice for beating the heat is to not let it get you down. I’ve always struggled with letting my true style shine despite the temperature, and it has taken me a while to really form a wardrobe suitable for all kinds of weather.

While the glare of the sun may always fight against the varying fashion senses, appeasing it doesn’t always have to mean defeat for our favorite outfit.

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