A micro digression to the irrational

Keely Moore’s commentary concerning “a microaggression of sexual abuse” would have been better served had facts been preferred over simply making up statistics that further a radical point of view. There is a legitimate problem in today’s society regarding sexual harassment and archaic gender roles, but those problems were glossed over in favor of anecdotal evidence and an over-simplification of the issue at hand.

‘Street harassment’ was the main target of the commentary and was defined as “catcalls on sidewalks, sexual come-ons in the library lines, and groping in crowds.” Equating those acts with asking for someone’s phone number is disingenuous at best. The UTSA handbook is then quoted, citing specific passages regarding discrimination, which is irrelevant to the topic at hand and is done to avert attention away from a poorly supported opinion.

The author then claims most UTSA male students apparently lounge around the Sombrilla, discriminating and harassing women at will. The only specific example of harassment ever provided is someone requesting a phone number. While continually pestering and following someone for a phone number is a form of harassment, it is a stretch to call that sexual harassment. Therefore it is a very poor example with which to base an entire argument on.

The author then makes an absurd claim that men are “statistically likely to physically, mentally and sexually abuse” women. This information is not supported by any studies or surveys and only serves to discredit the author and more importantly the issue being discussed. Suddenly, a conclusion is drawn which out of nowhere brings racism into the discussion. The broad spectrum with which the author draws her criticism dilutes her argument and makes it almost impossible to focus on the main point.

This topic deserved a concise, fact driven discussion. Instead, what was written seemed only intended to serve someone’s personal agenda.