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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

San Antonio prepares to vote on Nov. 6 ballots

Every year, around this time, citizens are asked to come out and vote on various political issues. Listed below are some of the propositions San Antonio residents will be asked to vote on during the elections on Nov. 6. For years, it seems like the college student demographic has been accused of not being involved enough, and organizations are formed to create more awareness to students. People, ages 18-35, will be greatly affected by all the issues, and all registered voters are encouraged to go out and vote.

Angelo StateIf passed, funds from Angelo State University’s capital funding designation would transfer from the Texas State University System to Texas Tech University.

Education LoansIf passed, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board would be allowed to issue up to $500 million in bonds for college students to use for their education

State ConstructionIf passed, $1 billion will be obligated for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department; the construction of three state prisons; historic preservation; Texas Youth Commission facilities; and Texas Department of Public Safety facilities.

Redevelopment VotesIf passed, would authorize the legislature to allow towns with fewer than 10,000 residents to have local option elections on offering tax breaks to some property owners to encourage redevelopment.

Motor Vehicle ExemptionIf passed, would allow an individual to claim a property tax exemption for one vehicle that is used for both business and personal purposes.

Eminent DomainIf passed, would allow land given by a governmental body through eminent domain proceedings to be sold back to the owner at the original sales price under certain conditions.

Home EquityIf passed, would impose new rules on home equity loans, including a prohibition against a borrower using an unsolicited, preprinted check to obtain an advance under a line of credit.

Disabled Vet Tax BreakIf passed, would allow the Legislature to give totally disabled veterans an exemption from all property taxes due on their homes. Would also realign existing tax exemption categories for disabled veterans so partially disabled veterans could get bigger tax break.

Abolishing InspectorIf passed, would remove all references to the county office of hide and animal inspector, from the constitution.

Lawmaker AccountabilityIf passed, would require the House and Senate to take record votes on final passage of all legislation, excepts some local bills.

Highway BorrowingIf passed, would add an additional source of funding, aside from the $1 billion already backed by the State Highway Fund, by authorizing the issuance of state general obligation bonds for transportation projects.

Family Violence BailIf passed, would expand the circumstances under which the judges could deny bail to people accused of family violence, whether it be a felony or misdemeanor.

Judge RetirementIf passed, would allow a state district judge who reaches the constitutional age limit of 75 in the middle of a four-year term to complete the term.

Cancer ResearchIf passed, would authorize $3 million in bond funding for cancer research.

Water BorrowingIf passed, would allow the board to issue an additional $250 million in general obligation bonds to the Texas Water Development Board for their Economically Distressed Areas Program.

For more information on when and where to vote in San Antonio, visit

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