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The Paisano

    Spiral Bracelets


    The key here is PATIENCE! If you have no patience don’t even try this, unless you’re using thin thread for this.

    Ok just had to get that out of the way. Sorry I just rustled up this craft really quick school has me busy but I worked really hard on these bracelets! So I hope you like the idea and attempt some yourself!

    First things first, I found some ideas on Pinterest but I found better links on how to do it outside of Pinterest so that is why there are no Pinterest links today.

    I will start with the paracord bracelet. Now you will need any color of paracord thread and paracord bracelet buckles. Follow this link to tie the buckles onto the thread. It also shows the beginning steps to make the bracelet. You can follow the steps it shows or follow a slightly different braiding which what I will do. The braid I do is best explained by this YouTube video, if your confused of the braiding follow that video.

    Ok after putting the buckles on you will do a similar technique as you closed up the buckles. Instead of having the right sting behind put it in front of the left string like so

    Picture 1

    Then you pull the right string behind the two middle strings and pull all the way.

    Picture 2

    Tie it tight and just keep repeating over and over. The string will start twisting, just ignore it and keep the braids tight.

    Picture 3

    That is the beginning formation of it so just keep it going.

    To tie off the ends repeat the beginning steps. It showed in the link from earlier to cut the ends and glue it. Instead I folded them into the buckle with the help from a bobby pin like this

    Picture 4

    I still folded the stings how you used them on the buckles and since I don’t have glue I just cut the ends and taped them to the bracelet. I highly advise to get some super glue though

    Picture 5

    And ta-daa! You have a nice spiral knotted bracelet smile I really like it because it has a DNA sequence look to it. Even though it’s clumpy but if you like those kinds of bracelets go for it! On the next post you will find out how I made the chain bracelet as you can see it’s the only non-threaded bracelet I have

    Picture 6

    This is the chain bracelet I made. I used the same braiding as the paracord bracelet. So to make this you will need… *lobster claps *split rings *silver and bronze chains (2 M length) *3 in 1 tool

    This was harder to do since you have to make the ends yourself.

    Picture 7

    First tie a not at the end, make it as close to the end as you can. (I didn’t and that turned out bad) Then you lay out the four strings and repeat the same steps as with the paracord bracelet.

    Picture 8

    Just keep up with the braiding for however long your wrist is. Since it’s a chain you can’t really see the effect of the swirl but I still like it. Anyways make sure about the length because it literally killed me when I first attempted. I re-sized mine 2-3 times and it still came out too long. It fits my ankle though so that’s nice. I made another one and it came out better.

    Now once you get the length figured out and you’re ready to end it create another knot like how you began the bracelet with. Now the hard part begins!

    Picture 9

    Okay now cut the ends with your 3 in 1 tool

    Picture 10

    This tool is the best!!! If you want to make more jewelry use this because it bends, clips, and clamps when needed to.

    You will then use these rings and clips to make the connections of the bracelets

    Picture 11

    Actually there was another bigger ring that came in the bag I also used those. (not shown in picture above) So you get the smallest bronze ring bend it with the tool and put the two silver chain ends in it. Next get the bigger bronze ring and use the tool to bend it out a little. Then put the bronze chain in it. It’s like putting a key on a key ring. Once the chains are in you connect these two rings on a bigger ring. Then use the tool to close up the rings. For the ring that still bends out use the tool. If it won’t easily mend back use the tip of the tool to bend the ring over to the other side (sorry if it’s hard to understand…)

    Picture 12

    That is a pic with the silver chains not connected yet. You do the same to the other side as well. Clip the ends, put rings on the chain, connect the rings, and then add the clip or lobster claw to a ring. Then of course connect it together all using the tools.

    Picture 13

    These are how my ends came out. Do whatever it takes to complete yours this is how I did mine and I think it’s quite alright.

    So I hope you try to make some bracelets yourself it takes some patience if your new to this like I was but hey! It’s always fun to try something new. So don’t be shy and throw in some ideas or crafts you want to see attempted. Hope you liked this and see you next time!

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