Girls S03E09 “Flo” recap

This week’s episode only featured Hannah as she dealt with her crazy extended family. “Flo” began with Hannah getting a call from her mom telling her that her grandmother was dying from pneumonia and that she needed to get there – wherever there is, it is only a train ride away. She doesn’t seem too upset, but rather almost annoyed that she’s being called away, since as she tells Adam, she wasn’t too close to her grandma.

When Hannah gets to the hospital, we meet her grandmother, named Flo, who isn’t looking too good. We also meet her aunts at the hospital, who are dysfunctional as they could be. After some chitchat, Hannah and her mom step outside of the hospital to eat wherein Hannah’s mother confesses her mother, Hannah’s grandmother, wasn’t that good of a person. Hannah’s mother wishes she and her mother could have some sort of breakthrough, but fears with death looming, that conversation might never happen. She then asks Hannah for a favor. She wants Hannah to tell her grandmother she is going to marry Adam because the grandkids don’t have much going on romantically and it would be nice for her to die happy. Hannah thinks this plan is crazy because it’s not true, and for once we find her to be the voice of reason.

Throughout the episode, Hannah and her aunts fighting over everything from who gets what share of their mother’s drugs to who gets their mother’s engagement ring a point of tension between the two sisters. The family comes to blows when Hannah and her cousin, Rebecca (the uptight medical student), get into a car crash after Rebecca was texting and driving. At the hospital, the aunts were yelling at each other so much that a nurse had to come and break up the fight. And the whole time Hannah, Rebecca and Adam (who had sped there on Desi’s bike from rehearsal after Hannah texted him nothing but the fact that she was in a car crash), are watching with wide eyes.

Adam eventually meets Hannah’s grandmother after spilling the beans that they are getting married (even though they’re really not, but Adam probably felt bad after seeing her in such a state). Hannah’s grandmother then gives them the best advice for married life she has: “Someday you will look at him, hating him with every fiber of your being, wishing he would die the most violent death possible. It will pass.” Wow Grandma Flo. Wow. Adam then leaves, and even though he’s done Hannah’s mother a huge favor by giving her a little bit of happiness in her dreary last days, she tells Hannah to keep her options open when it comes to significant others. Hannah gets offended and calls out her mother on being so unkind to a person that has made her happy.

The next day, Hannah’s grandmother looks healthier and is even eating again – two sandwiches, she happily notes. The sisters are even on better terms as they agree to stop fighting and promise to get together as a family soon. For a second, everything is looking alright.

But not all can end happily ever after. As soon as Hannah gets back into the city, she gets a call from Rebecca that their grandmother has died and that she needs to come back.

This episode was a special kind of storytelling. We see Hannah not so much interacting with her family, but standing back and witnessing the interactions of the very people she is a product of. Comparing first season Hannah to this season Hannah, we see that she has grown into her own person where she exists somewhere between a lost 20-something year old and an adult.

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