Pretty Little Liars S04E21 “She’s Come Undone” Recap

After the harrowing admission that Ezra has been writing a book about Alison’s disappearance (a.k.a. the reason he’s been acting suspicious these past few weeks, despite having begun writing the book before the show even started), Aria wreaks havoc through the lives of those around her, not to mention Ezra’s apartment. Although her friends are there to support her, Spencer is also having her own meltdown. Even though “Pretty Little Liars” fans might have lost Ezra as a substantial suspect to be “A,” “She’s Come Undone” gives a new suspect that fans have been waiting for. One of the girls.


Aria bonds with the girls throughout the episode as they try to cheer her up. She explains to them right away what Ezra did. Although they think he’s “board shorts” from Ali’s diary, it doesn’t seem to make sense to them that Ezra’s still “A” when he himself is trying to piece together Ali’s disappearance. In fact, Ezra believes that one of the girls tried to kill Ali.

The girls make some good points that fans would have liked to make: why would Ezra need surveillance equipment for research? Also, Ezra must know about “A,” therefore Aria comes to the conclusion that he couldn’t have loved her if he knew she was in danger.

After spending the next morning reminiscing about her first meeting with Ezra, Aria makes an appearance at school despite her disheveled look and bursts into Ezra’s classroom with Emily and Spencer trying to stop her. However, a substitute teacher who is filling in for Ezra says he’s absent for a family emergency.

Aria doesn’t stop there, but goes straight to Ezra’s apartment. However, Ezra is also absent from his home, letting Aria search through all his drawers for answers. Aria acquires a box filled with files on various individuals, including one on her. The file holds information and photos of Aria, including pictures of her with pink streaksshowing that they date to before Ali’s disappearance.

As Aria continues her investigation, she finds a tape with Ali’s voice and a journal with Ezra’s thoughts. Aria reads that Ezra knew about Aria’s dad’s affair and that he knew about the prank Ali pulled on Jenna, that resulted in Jenna’s loss of sight. However, it’s after Aria reads, “Aria doesn’t suspect a thing,” that she reaches her breaking point and destroys all of Ezra’s belongings.

Aria is found by the girls in the vandalized apartment and taken home by Hanna. At her house, Aria burns pages of the journal in her fireplace until Hanna leaves. Aria then finds a folded letter from Random House Publications showing that Ezra is in the process of publishing the book without the ending. Aria calls the company and finds out that Ezra is currently in New York City talking to his editor about the release date.

Now that Aria knows Ezra did not intend to destroy the book as he promised, she wishes to turn him in to the police. Hanna catches Aria before she can do any damage and Aria returns home. Later, Emily walks in to find Aria packing to leave town.

Although Ezra still intends to publish the book, the final scene shows “A” or who must be Ezra, burning the pages of his manuscript.


Before school, Spencer goes downstairs and meets a big surpriseher parents are both in the house. Her parents have her belongings packed to send her to rehab. However, she convinces them to give her one last chance. Throughout the entire episode Spencer feels the pangs of withdrawal including nausea.

Spencer’s begging doesn’t stop when she goes to Toby to reconcile things with him. He also gives Spencer one more chance. However, what’s puzzling about this scene is how Toby got such a nice apartment when a season ago he couldn’t even afford a truck?

That day at school, Spencer opens her locker to find a gift from “A”a bottle of pills. She promises Emily that she’ll get rid of the pills, but something may stop that from happening. At that moment, Hanna runs over and tells the other three girls that Aria is now missing. The girls then go to Ezra’s apartment, where they find Aria.

Although Emily and Hanna are too busy with Aria, Spencer takes some of Ezra’s research back home with her. Back at home, Spencer finds a business card for Mark Pope, a private investigator, with a note written on the back in Ezra’s handwriting: “P.I. that followed Spencer?” In a moment of weakness, Spencer takes a pill from the bottle left by “A.”

Reignited with energy, Spencer reads a story told by Cece about Spencer and Ali fighting the night that Ali disappeared, which ended with Spencer holding a shovel over her head and threatening Ali. Ezra’s journal also mentions that Mrs. DiLaurentis, Ali’s mom, witnessed this as well.

Spencer goes to her father with this information and asks him if he hired Mark Pope to follow her–instead of Melissa, her sister–because he thought Spencer killed Alison. Spencer reveals that she thinks she may have been the one who hurt Alison and she can’t remember because she was using pills at the time of Ali’s disapperance. With Toby’s arrival, Spencer’s dad tells her she’s worrying herself, which makes her storm out.

Spencer then goes to Mrs. DiLaurentis’ for answers, but does not get any. When Spencer returns home, her parents are sitting with Toby with worry on all of their faces.


Hanna spends the episode flirting with Travis, who she kissed right after her break-up with Caleb, and Detective Holbrook. After Detective Holbrook helps Travis’s dad in his case about the murder of Detective Wilden, Hanna thanks him with a kiss. Detective Holbrook seems to think that the kiss came from nowhere and Hanna scurries away before she can explain.


Emily tells Spencer that Shana wants her to send the money for Alison. Although Spencer doesn’t think Emily should trust Shana, Emily wants to help Ali in any way possible. Later that school day, Emily sits with Paige, who sees the cash that Emily has in her purse and questions her about it. Emily tells Paige she needs to deposit the money, which Emily claims her grandmother gave her.

After school, Emily goes to the post office to send the money to Alison, but is stopped by Paige who threatens to take the money to the police if Emily doesn’t tell her whom the money is for. Emily then confesses to Paige that the money is for Alison, who is alive. After she explains everything that has happened with Ali and “A,” Paige makes Emily promise her that after sending the money she will never try to help Alison again. Although Emily promises Paige, she admits that she is upset because she doesn’t like being given ultimatums.

After leaving, Paige drops a note inside a police car that says Ali is alive with the address Ali should be at to pick up the money.

Final Thoughts

“She’s Come Undone” gave the girls numerous ultimatums to deal with. Aria has to decide whether to let go of her feelings for Ezra or to hold on to them in hopes that he truly loved her. Spencer needs to find out what happened the night of Ali’s disappearance, but her pill addiction will not help her. Hanna needs to stay single for a long time and Emily’s confession to Paige may have jeopardized everything the girls have been working toward.

Who does the police car belong to and what will they do with the information? Did Ezra really destroy his book? Is Spencer “A”?