Entries of a Book Hoarder: ‘Divergent’


Title: “Divergent”

Year: 2011

Genre: Sci-Fi

Author: Veronica Roth

5 out of 5 bookworms

Movie Release: March 21, 2014

For fans of:

“The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

“The Maze Runner” by James Dashner

“The Giver” by Lois Lowry

“The Host” by Stephanie Meyers

You just turned 16-years-old and you need to decide between your family and a stranger. Who would you choose?

“Divergent” is the first book of Veronica Roth’s “Divergent Trilogy.” It is considered a sci-fi novel. “Divergent” takes place in a dystopian version of Chicago.

Beatrice Prior, a 16-year-old, grew up in a family who was loyal, selfless and loving toward others. The community is separated between Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave) and Erudite (the intelligent). Every year, 16-year-olds are required to take an aptitude test to tell them which faction is best for them. On Choosing Day, they need to choose between the results that were given. But, Beatrice’s results show three factions: Abnegation, Erudite and Dauntless—which makes her “Divergent.” Which faction should she choose?

Throughout the number one New York Times bestseller, Beatrice loses friends, but gains new ones. As she experiences her faction, Beatrice discovers new possibilities and lies.

“Divergent” keeps you on the edge of your seat. The story line will never bore you, because it contains both action and a love story. Beatrice can be a lovable and relatable character, because she is quiet yet tough. Roth portrays Beatrice as a real woman—loving but strong.

Although many people have read these type of novels, Roth’s book is original. In her novel, the factions resemble the qualities of a person—the way one should act. The idea of “Divergent” is simple; “One choice can transform you.” Beatrice and the people who surround her transform, but is it for better or worst?

After you read “Divergent,” make sure you catch “Insurgent” and “Allegiant.” You will not regret it.

As you read this book, remember, it is fiction. This book will get intense as you read. It may cause serious anxiety. Drop your phone and take this adventurous book to the beach or on a road trip.