Unity PR

Unity PR (Public Relations) is a student run firm dedicated to building long-term and rewarding partnerships by providing public relations services to different clients. It is client oriented and gives students the opportunity to experience real life business scenarios before stepping out into the real world. The firm offers experience and strong networking bonds that complements studentsʼ degrees.

Unity PR started off as a committee for the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) in 2012. When the committee decided it was able to sustain itself as a stronger and more independent firm, the group underwent rebranding.

Students must apply for membership in Unity PR. After the firm director and other members of the committee approve an applicant, the student will continue on to an interview. If the interview goes well, the student becomes part of the firm. However, the members of Unity PR will give students who were not accepted suggestions to improve their resume, interview tactics and other areas in need of improvement. Before the spring of 2013, Unity PR had no officers and had no client meetings. It now operates as a legitimate PR firm, providing students with the experience of working with real clients.

“Students can benefit from Unity PR in the same way as they would from an internship” said Roger Cardenas, firm director. “It’s a great experience because it is as close as possible to a firm, while at the same time having the student side of it, like socials, hanging out, etc.”

Unity PR has worked with different clients. A few of these clients are Bombay Salsa, One Action, Earth Week UTSA, Alpha Phi Omega and UTSA Facilities Engineering and Project Management. The firm works on designing logos that reflect the companyʼs goal, designing and implementing public relations campaigns, and writing firm handbooks for different clients. It also prepares budgets and proposals, plans and coordinates fundraisers, and monitor all account expenses.

Unity PR also provides students the opportunity to enhance their social media expertise like creating and implementing a social media strategy or measuring the reach of social media posts. Although all of these expertise are more focused on communication careers, students from any major can join and benefit from the firm. There are different focuses within the firm, such as graphic design, finances and social media. Students can join and learn how to use graphic design programs or how to effectively communicate through social media.

“Students will benefit greatly by joining Unity PR,” said Cardenas. “It is a good thing to have on your resume, and a good thing to have the experience of working with clients through a student-run firm.” Along with experience, students will benefit from the knowledge of other students who understand the processes of applying what has been learned. Cardenas said “it is a fun environment.”

There are no fees to join, and students can attend the meetings even if they are not members yet. The staff meetings are every other Wednesday at 6 p.m. and Thursday at 7 p.m. Students are welcome to go and check out what the firm has to offer. Unity PR also has a Facebook and Twitter account where students can get more information: Unitypr_utsa. For more information about the firm or how to become a member, students can contact Roger Cardenas at [email protected]