Tealicious, it’s delicious


Tired of the regular old coffee shops? Can’t focus on schoolwork in the JPL? Looking to try something fresh and different? Look no further, Tealicious Cafe is the place to go.

Sitting off Loop 1604 next to the Super HEB, recently opened Tealicious Cafe is perfect for studying for your next test or gathering your friends together to catch up.

Couches, recliners and tables decorate the inside, giving the café a modern look, with stark white floors and walls that are set off by shades of green. There is an Asian flair in the cafe, but it is subtle and elegant rather than overpowering the cafe. Mostly young people hang out by the tables and rest on the couches, some with textbooks open on their laps and others turned toward each other mid-talk. The password for the free Wi-Fi hangs by the register, making the cafe to be the perfect getaway to catch up on some studying.

The bright green menu is lit up and hangs on the wall to the right of the ordering counter, offering customers a chance to take their time and decide on their drink. The menu offers an impressive amount of drinks—156 different variations that can be mixed or altered to your liking. Prices are relatively cheap and perfect for a college student budget. Drinks range from $3-$5 and consist of numerous blends of cream tea, coffee, ice blend, cream blend, green tea, black tea and juice. Each drink is served in plastic cups topped off by a cute plastic seal that has a illustration of an animal. Sinkers, which are balls of tapioca, pudding or different kinds of jelly and gelatin can be added to your drink for an extra 50 cents to give it added flavor and a fun consistency.

Most people settle for a simple juice or blend, but if you’re looking for something light and refreshing, go for the sweet mango juice for a hint of tart. Add in mango jelly as a nice compliment or strawberry jelly to mix it up.

The green tea blends are also a popular pick. There is an entire section dedicated to green tea with drinks varying from Oolong Green Tea and Jasmine Green Tea to unusual blends like Lemon Kumquat Dried Plum Green Tea and Longan Fruit Green Tea. Green tea also appears in the other sections, such as under Ice Blends. From here, try the Frozen Japanese Green Tea under the Cream Blends. Its consistency is thick and creamy — like a smoothie — and the flavor of tea is refreshing as it explodes on your tongue. Add in the original tapioca balls for an authentic experience if you don’t mind the chewy consistency of the brown, jelly-like sinkers.

If you’re feeling risky, try one of the more eccentric drinks on the menu. Tealicious offers unusual blends like Sour Sop Cream Blend and Avocado Chocolate Cream Blend. The Avocado Chocolate is surprisingly good, with the creaminess of the avocado pairing well with the sweetness of the chocolate. The consistency is thick, like a shake, and is satisfying on it’s own, but if you are feeling even more daring, try it with almond pudding to thicken up the blend and add some nuttiness.

Along with drinks, the cafe offers an assortment of snacks that sit on a rack next to the main menu. The treats range from veggie chips to Cheetos, and on the bottom shelf rest an assortment of Asian snacks including an individual portion of ramen noodles.

Tealicious Cafe fits the criteria if you’re looking for a new place to study at or just lounge around. The atmosphere is chill and relaxing, like their drinks, and is an ideal location if you want a place to hang out besides campus.

Tealicious Cafe is open Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m.-9 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. For more information, visit tealiciouscafe.com.