Column Corner: Music

What do you get when you combine head-shaking beats, insanely catchy lyrics and five guys from Craigslist? The Austin band, Quiet Company.

The band played at the UTSA Main Campus on Sept. 3. The free event was hosted by UC Programs, who even provided pizza during the intermission.

Quiet Company – comprised of Taylor Muse (singer/songwriter, guitar), Tommy Blank (guitar, keys), Matt Parmenter (bass), Evan Smoker (drums), and Bill Gryta (keys, synths) – has won over 10 Austin Music Awards, five of which are for their album “We Are All Where We Belong.”

Their new album, “Transgressor,” came out earlier this year, and according to lead singer Taylor Muse, is “all over the place. It’s less “concept-y” and has more relationship songs, but in a little bit different way.”

Inspired by bands such as Weezer, Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins, Quiet Company has the indie-rock vibe under control. The solid guitar riffs and energetic drums balance out the clever lyrics, making you wish you had the band’s originality.

The band has had a pretty exciting touring experience. “On our first tour, we played this club in Rockford, Ill. that wasn’t even open yet,” Muse comments. “By the end of it, the lights had gone out, and they paid us ten dollars in quarters and three loaves of bread.” Can you say “horrible experience”?

They never faltered and their music is better than ever. They’ve even earned a coveted spot in the lineup at Austin City Limits and South By Southwest.

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to listen to, Quiet Company is definitely a go-to. At first, you may want to keep this rare gem your little secret, but once you hear them (and inevitably become obsessed with them), there is no way you’ll be able to keep them to yourself.

So plug in your headphones, download their music, and prepare to invest yourself in an absolutely outstanding band.