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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Highlighting UTSA’s student organizations: Activists

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Students for the

Right to Life

Goal: To defend life from conception to natural death. We believe that human life begins at conception. While our main energies are toward the pro-life movement and end of abortion, we are also interested in discussing other life issues in our society: Our mission is to preserve the dignity of all human beings.

Why: We believe there is a need to be vocal and effective in spreading our message because the consequences of not doing so are literally life or death.

Membership: Anyone who shares our view of life and is willing to join is welcome. At meetings, we typically discuss a specific life issue or discuss ways for us to get the word out for our cause. We also have a service event every month such as helping at pregnancy crisis centers or volunteering at homes for the elderly.

How to contact: Message us at


Goal: We want to change what democracy means to this generation by empowering individuals who have been silenced. We take a grassroots non-partisan approach to politics, personally asking individuals to register to vote and make their own choices.

Why: So much individual struggle is connected to community challenges that begin with lack of representation and accountability in government. Our generation has been told that they don’t matter. We want to change that mindset.

Membership: Everyone is welcome to join. Currently, meetings are centered on voter registration and getting individuals empowered to vote; however, we discuss cultural competency, activism and leadership. We are a group of young people who do serious work, but we also have fun.

How to contact: We meet at 6 p.m. every second and last Tuesday of the month in the Alamo Lounge. Or message [email protected]

Students United for Socioeconomic Justice (SUSJ)

Goal: We invite students to question social and economic norms. We help them take control of their education by asking questions such as “why is student debt so high?” We encourage (the spread of) curiosity, critical investigation and knowledge.

Why: Understaning our society can expose the root causes of injustices and inequalities. People need to be informed and able to speak out against these things so that they can fight for a better system for future generations.

Membership: Anyone who is not happy with what they see in the world and wants to learn how to change it. At meetings, we discuss world events, the roots of world problems and who is affected and why. We also plan rallies, panel discussions and open discussions about our material.

How to contact: Find us on RowdyLink!

Feminist@s Unite

Goal: We are a new organization on campus that seeks to contribute to the feminist discourse at UTSA.

Why: We want to complement the already great women’s study program on campus. A big part of women’s studies and feminist practice is organizing feminist communities so we can learn from one another. We also want to continue the traditions of past women’s organizations on campus.

Membership: We are a non-exclusive organization. At meetings, we discuss feminist readings, its practices and practical applications. We hope to have feminist lectures at each meeting and organize tabling and future events. As a new organization on campus, we are looking for members who want to help us expand and grow.

How to contact us:

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