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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

    Fun Fun Fun Fest: Day 3

    As the last day of Fun Fun Fun fest dawned, the Paisano crew decided to go out with a bang. Having already destroyed a mechanical bull horn, our staff writer, Rohit, proceeded to break the hotel toilet and television. Both were fixed and no charges pressed against us, though a late checkout was frowned upon. We’re college kids going to a music festival, we don’t plan ahead.

    After we left the hotel, a quick stop at Freebirds Burritos was needed to fuel up for our last day.

    Upon arriving at the festival grounds, we stumbled across the Punk Rock Circus. Broken glass, bear traps and the lizard man all made for an exciting and disturbing experience for all.

    Once the circus show ended, I made my way to the media area to interview hardcore metal band, Iron Reagan. These guys looked scary, but they were some of the coolest people I had the pleasure of meeting at Fun Fun Fun fest. Every question asked was responded with a humorous, but relevant answer. Check out to listen to the full interview.

    After leaving the media area, I found myself back at the location where the Punk Rock Circus was held; except this time, amateur wrestling was just getting under way. The crowd cheered on for favorable wrestlers and even argued back at the ref for some matches. Coming from a former wrestling fan, it was great!

    Before the wrestling ended, I made my way to the stage where one of my favorite bands, Hot Water Music, was playing.

    The attending crowd was somewhat smaller than those at other shows, but it was clear that everyone in the crowd was a Hot Water Music fan. The explosive sound had everybody moving. Even yours truly was in the mosh pit at times. The crowd cheered and sang lyrics back through the entire set. Dave Hause of The Loved Ones even joined the band to help sing a Hot Water Music classic, Trusty Chords.

    Once this show ended, I realized I was quite hungry once again and this was my last chance to eat some of the amazing food Fun Fun Fun fest had to offer.

    I made my way back to the food truck area and found two magical words: queso fries. I was immediately set in the mood for these queso fries without even knowing what they actually were. I received a basket of waffle fries drizzled with melted cheese and pico de gallo. This simple dish was the best food I had, had in a long time.

    Once my stomach was satisfied, I met up with my fellow Paisano co-workers, and we headed out of the festival grounds and back to our cars.

    Both Marcus and Rohit had to leave early today to finish homework and projects. They’re so responsible. I was left to cover another one of my favorite bands, The Flatliners, who played at 12am Monday morning. It is quite clear that I am not as responsible as they are. The show review will be up late Monday.

    Though I’m writing this re-cap when my last day of Fun Fun Fun Fest isn’t completely over, I’m getting this out of the way because I have tons of more writing to do Monday. This experience was better than I could have ever expected. Thanks to Fun Fun Fun Fest for making the Paisano’s weekend truly “fun fun fun,” and we hope to see you again next year. Peace homies.

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