Louden Swain celebrates success

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Louden Swain is a “rockin” band who just released their fifth full-length album “Sky Alive.” This record includes a wide variety of indie, rock-styled music infused with punk, alternative and reggae. The band is composed of four members: Rob Benedict (lead singer), Stephen Nortan (drummer) and Mike Borja (bassist). Louden Swain formed in 1997, but the group was not complete until 2005 when Billy Moran (guitarist) joined as the fourth and final member.

What started as a three-person garage band trying to make it in a dog-eat-dog world turned out to be a successful rock quartet. Their perseverance has paid off because they are now the house band for the Supernatural traveling television series convention “Salute to Supernatural.”

“Eskimo,” released in 2012, is another great album by this band and features rock music paired with their quirky ability to create a compelling story enclosed in catchy rhythms. Like most captivating stories, you will want to hear it again and again.

For all of the Supernatural fans out there, Rob Benedict is actually an actor on the show who portrays Chuck, a prophet of the Lord. Not only is Rob Benedict’s acting impressive, but his vocals also set him apart. His sweet tone is counteracted by a rough sound that creates a very interesting and intriguing combination.

In person, these guys are a down-to-earth bunch; complete sweethearts in fact. Upon falling down on stage during the Houston Saturday Night Special Louden Swain concert, the audience immediately asked Rob Benedict if he was hurt. The singer burst out laughing and replied, “This is what every rock singer wants to happen, to fall on stage and have the audience ask if he is okay.”

Louden Swain is a band that cares about its fans and supporters. Following the two-hour concert, all of the members signed complimentary autographs for audience members.

Experience has melded this band into a single unit while they perform, proving that Louden Swain’s live music is as moving as the iTunes version. I predict that Louden Swain will continue to increase in momentum. Soon, everyone will know their name.

Louden Swain’s next album is a re-release of their EP “Overachiever” that will now include five never-heard-before songs. Be sure to check out this gem of a band as they continue up their steady incline on the music industry roller-coaster.