To the Man that Never Should Have Loved:

I loved you purely. I loved you honestly.

Accepting all that you were and never expecting more.

I loved you until the pipes burst and

the space you occupied in my heart became flooded with anguish and nostalgia

and I could no longer keep myself afloat.

I was no longer in love with the man who stood before me.

I was in love with the past,

the fond memories of us intertwined and longing for more.

The man I loved was gone.

He ran off with my heart in his pocket and forgot to get it out before he threw his clothes in the washer. If that makes any sense.

But that didn’t stop me from loving you.

I loved you until I couldn’t take anymore.

Every fight was a loosing battle and you always took home the title.

But I came back, ready to win you over each time.

You were a better fight than I was…and it showed.

You easily fought off your love for me while I was pushed against

the ropes of our relationship just trying to land one blow

to show you that I was good enough.

Because I was. And you knew it.