#UTSAGoGreek, Go Viral

Google search “UTSA Fraternity Punch” to see one of the most popular videos this month on YouTube. The video of a fight at a UTSA fraternity pool party in Aspen Heights apartment complex titled “Rushee Punched into Next week” has gone viral, surpassing 200,000 views. The popular video depicts in slow-motion, an unidentified shirtless man wearing an American flag themed hat and glass, throwing a hard left punch at an unsuspecting victim.

Affectionately dubbed “Uncle Sam,” the suspected fraternity member has been hailed as a hero by the community. It was reported that the sucker punched victim had been flirting terribly and making girls uncomfortable, inciting many to believe this “party foul” was well deserving of the star-spangled hit.

“I just poured one foamy beer,” reported bruised-faced freshman, Buddy Light, who was attending his first college party when pummeled by Uncle Sam. Witnesses however say that the beer had been pumping perfectly out of the keg until that moment, and many accusing Buddy of creating the disturbance.

“Uncle Sam saved my beer,” noted beer recipient sophomore Cora Ona, who had worried her lips would never get passed the foam.

Recently, Uncle Sam was witnessed at a house party punching two cheating flip-cup participants, who had incited a chorus of “not cools” by other players. In another attack, a woman was knocked unconscious after she spilt a bowl of potato chips at a mixer.

Campus police are still on the hunt for the half-naked vigilante; meanwhile, Uncle Sam continues to bring his own brand of justice throughout the UTSA community.