US Air force jazz ensemble performs downtown


Downtown San Antonio was in another dimension this past Wednesday night.
The Dimensions in Blue that is.
The Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center hosted the United States Air Force Band (USAFB) Dimensions in Blue on Feb. 10. The event was free and open to the public. The performance took place in Ballroom A of the Convention Center.
Dimensions in Blue is a Jazz Ensemble band that performs over 100 concerts a year, entertains over 500,000 people and travels over 20,000 miles across the country. The band performs throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Louisiana.
The band plays classic music from Duke Ellington, Woody Herman, to the more contemporary music of Bob Mintzer and Frank Mantooth.
The Dimensions in Blue usually features a guest performer throughout their shows, and this week’s special guest included Dave Stahl.
Dave Stahl is a famous trumpet player who has performed with big names such as Count Baise, Buddy Rich and Larry Elgart. Stahl has even performed with the great Frank Sinatra live from Madison Square Garden in New York City. Stahl has also made a few television commercials for the show I Love New York, Nationwide Insurance, Ford Motor Company and sports themes songs for the Fox Television Network.
The USAFB also featured their lead vocalist, Sgt Mary Beth McFann who blew away audience members with her high notes and wonderful voice. While the band performed, McFann sang some original pieces which were truly great.
The performance featured solos from almost every member of Dimensions in Blue. Some of the band members even had fun while battling each other to see who could hit the highest note. The battle between Stahl and the lead trumpet player, Jeff Castle, proved to be the loudest. Audience members applauded each performance and solo piece.
The final performance of the night featured Stahl, McFann and the Dimensions in Blue all at once. The band performed as loudly as they could, and their great music filled the ballroom. Shortly after, the audience members gave Stahl, McFann and the Dimensions in Blue a standing ovation.
The USAFB also gave a brief commercial to recruit more people into the Air Force.
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