Celebrities take over the world one blog at a time

Were you completely enamored by the live coverage from the red carpet at the Grammy’s as Lady Gaga was delivered in a giant egg?

If so, you’re probably like the millions of Americans who are hooked on the jiggle of Kim Kardashian’s tush, Justin Beiber’s journey through puberty, the amount of cocaine in Charlie Sheen’s nose, and stolen goods in Lindsay Lohan’s purse (and/or cocaine in her nose).

Yes, America has been bitten by the gossip bug, and judging by the amount of websites, magazines, blogs, and photos of pantiless women, gossip isn’t going anywhere.

While gossip isn’t a new phenomenon, smartphones have allowed information to pass quicker than any era before. Honestly, most people don’t care about anybody’s relationship status, but if Cameron Diaz feeds popcorn to Alex Rodriguez, everybody wants to know.

Maybe most people find the lives of the rich and famous much more interesting, but we’re all just being branded by these celebrities and gossip websites with their images, merchandise, and mind control.

Think about it for a second. Ladies, would you really look at yourself in the mirror after looking at some pictures of a celebrity and think you’re fat with dumb clothes, if you didn’t have a celebrity to compare yourself with? Let me save you some throwing up. You will never look like celebrities, so believe you’re beautiful, put your underwear back on, and spend time enjoying your life.

Honestly, I must say that I sympathize with the celebrities. I’m pretty sure that many of us would have trouble explaining our actions to the public if they were under the microscope.

Think of all the things that you’ve done lately that you wouldn’t want anyone to know. Now imagine that there’s always somebody outside your door with cameras to follow you around everywhere, and the stalking is completely legal. You would hate to see your face plastered on websites with no makeup or quotes from some lady talking about your sex life and the kid that you planted in her belly.

Wouldn’t you hate to attend an award show and have some crazy person throw a microphone in your face and ask you about your outfit or some love connection with a random person you’ve never met? Maybe some of you aspiring celebrities think this would be a great life, but I’m here to tell you that I wouldn’t want that life at all.

Facebook has already made us into mini-celebrities in our little worlds that have to monitor our images from parents, families, ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, and possible employers. Now can you imagine having to monitor this image on a global scale without the ability to un-tag yourself from a magazine or website?

The privacy settings on Facebook have kept me from looking like Charlie Sheen to my family and Facebook friends. Celebrities have no privacy settings for their life, so maybe we should all give them a break when they do something crazy. After all, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t party with Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan if there weren’t cameras around.