Golden Key wins award for the seventh year

   The UTSA Chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society has won the Key Chapter Award for the seventh consecutive year.

   The award was presented this summer at theGolden Key International conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Awardwinners must excel in five major areas:  communication, publicity, meeting management, chapter activities and leadership.They must also participate in regional and internationalprograms.

   “When we have the [Golden Key]conventions, there are 800 to 1200 people participating from sevendifferent countries. People know about UTSA; they know who weare,” said Judith Gardner, UTSA chapter advisor.

   More than 200 people belong to the UTSAchapter, all of whom are juniors or seniors  in the honorscollege and in the top 15 percent of their class.  Membershipto the chapter is by invitation only and is open to all fields ofstudy.

    Members have participated  innumerous activities including academic, social, service, andfund-raising. They participated in a minimum of one service projectper month (although they normally surpass this guideline and do twoor three), including volunteering at the Animal Defense League andbuilding a storage shelter for the Battered Woman’sShelter.

   This year they were asked to work with otherchapters to head the VOTE campaign by the Bush Administration.

   The Golden Key International Honour Societywas founded in1977 in Atlanta, Georgia.  

   The organization is non-profit, and providesleadership, scholarship, and career networking opportunities to itsmembers. There are nearly 350 chapters in the society fromuniversities and schools in the United States, South Africa, NewZealand, Canada, Malaysia and Australia.